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Priority Points

What are Priority Points, why do I need them and how do I get them?

The Aggie Access 12th Man Priority Point Program is a system developed and used by the 12th Man Foundation to allocate certain tickets, parking passes and other benefits based on giving to the 12th Man Foundation.

Where do I find my priority point total?

Your priority point total can be viewed by clicking here to access your online 12th Man Foundation account. Please use your donor number and password to sign-in.

How is the priority point system used?

The Aggie Access 12th Man Priority Points Program is designed to further recognize our members' commitment to Aggie Athletics, honoring and rewarding their generous financial support and passion over the years. The program encourages consistency and transparency in the allocation of member benefits by assigning point values to several categories of giving to the Foundation. Put simply, the higher a member's priority point total or rank, the better access they will have to preferred seating, parking and other benefits offered by the 12th Man Foundation. For a list of these benefits, click here.

How are points allocated?

Priority points are awarded as described here.

I have purchased season tickets from another Foundation member and have paid him/her the annual per-seat gift for the last several years. Do I receive priority points?

The account holder who purchases season tickets from the 12th Man Foundation receives all priority points associated with season ticket purchases under their account. The Foundation strongly encourages each member and season ticket holder to create his or her own Foundation account.

Over the years, I have only purchased men's basketball tickets. Can I use my priority points and rank to request available football and/or baseball season tickets?

Yes, new season ticket requests for all ticketed sports will be evaluated using priority points. Current 12th Man Foundation members are able to use accrued priority points to request available season tickets to football, baseball and all other season ticketed sports provided they meet the donation guidelines for that sport.

I was a Foundation member many years ago, but my membership has lapsed. Do I still have priority points?

Yes. Priority points will be accrued for all past giving, as defined by the Aggie Access policies. However, points for consecutive years of giving will not accrue and will start over once you rejoin the Foundation with a current gift or pledge.

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