Funding scholarships, programs and facilities in support of championship athletics.

Ticket Center

Carole Dollins
Senior Vice President of Ticketing

(979) 260-7986

Tracy Treps
Director of Priority Ticketing

(979) 260-7987

Will Simpson
Director of Ticket Operations & Events

(979) 260-7933

Shane Flater
Ticket Systems & Reports

(979) 260-7988

Chris Carson
Manager of Ticket Events & Internal Sales

(979) 260-7985

Amy Janac
Senior Manager of Ticket Operations & Events

(979) 260-7980

Sylvia Fecht
Senior Manager of Ticket Services

(979) 260-7982

Daniel Timberlake
Director of Ticket Systems

(979) 260-7587

Josh Massey
Director of Group Sales

(979) 260-7958

Gina Rice
Executive Administrative Coordinator

(979) 260-7582

"A&M has given us so much.

When it comes down to it, education is the most important thing someone can have, and student-athletes give so much of their time and talents to our school. If we can help support them to earn that diploma and Aggie ring, then that is what we want to do."

Carol '78 and Don '78 Meyer
Champions Council Members